How To Flirt

How To Flirt

Flirting, at its most basic, is playfully showing you are romantically attracted to someone. If you are ready to flirt with someone, you should already know you are sexually

attracted to them, and like them! It might seem nerve-wracking to start flirting and put yourself out there, but fear not—it's normal to be nervous around someone you really like,

and there are ways to seem confident and pull off a successful flirtation. Whether you're flirting over text, online, or in-person, it's important to keep a balance between revealing

your feelings and keeping the person you like intrigued. If you want to know how to flirt and you'd like some help getting to know someone, this article gives some general


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Flirting In-Person

Make eye contact. Eye contact is the best and easiest thing you can do to start flirting. You can look deeply into the person's eyes while also taking the time to break eye contact


How To Make Homemade Drops For Cough

How To Make Homemade Drops For Cough

Whether it be the dead of winter or the high life of summer, colds and allergies seem to pop up out of nowhere and catch us completely off guard. Hand-in-hand with these

seasonal problems comes the dreaded cough. While cough syrup can be taken to remedy these coughing spells, it should only be taken in moderation to avoid any unwanted

side effects such as drowsiness.

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You can use cough drops with natural herbal ingredients to soothe your symptoms. You can either buy these drops in the store or learn to

make your own at home with a few simple ingredients and tools.

Making Ginger Honey Cough Drops..

Gather your supplies. For this recipe you will need the following items: [4]
Paring knife
Candy thermometer
Candy molds
Airtight storage container.

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Prepare the spices and lemon zest. Start by peeling the ginger with a paring knife or vegetable peeler. [5]
Fresh ginger is available at most supe…